Property Owner



Before you decide which real estate company should handle your rental property, compare the services that The Goldsmith Company has offered property owners for over 50 years.  


Property Assessments

A fully trained property manager will visit your property to gather information useful for developing a marketing plan, evaluating property condition, making suggestions for necessary repairs, and establishing the best possible rental rate in current market conditions.


Property Management staff are available 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Monday through Friday to assist prospective tenants with information about your property.

Rental property listings are available at our office as well as the information available from this web site. A fax network, color flyers, and ads in the Sunday issue of area newspapers also broaden the marketing of your property

Prospect Screening

The application process includes but is not limited to employment verification, former rental history, credit verification, background information, and personal interviews. Every effort is made to place qualified person in your property.

Computer Accounting

The most up-to-date computer system and software provides accurate monthly statements to make your record keeping and income tax preparation convenient, quick, and complete.

Maintenance Scheduling

Both corrective and preventive maintenance services are available to meet the owner's needs and objectives.

Year-end Reports

Complete summary reports for the year along with required income statements make tax preparation less complicated.

Single Family Homes, Duplexes, Apartments, Condominiums

Our property managers are trained to offer management services in all areas and types of rental properties.

Greenville County and Surrounding Areas

Our service is offered for properties throughout the local area and nearby towns.

Rental Rates

Establishing a rental rate for your property requires expert knowledge of the current market demand, your property condition, and many other factors. Our property managers market properties in a full range of rates.

Customer Service

Should your property be unique in some way as to require a special touch, our managers are ready to create answers for you.